Why Become a Member?
It provides the Masjid with a source of income.
This enables the Masjid to effectively plan and organize activities for the community.
It enables the Masjid to grow according to the needs of the community.
It enables the Masjid to recognize its support base. Masjid activities
It should be relevant to the people of the community, be in accordance with their
needs, address their concerns, and enhance their religious knowledge.

What Does It Take to Become a Member?
Be a good standing Muslim in the community
Renew your membership annually
Meet the membership criteria outlined in the Masjid’s by-laws

Membership Benefits
Only members can be nominated to become Shura or management committee.
Only members are allowed to vote during Masjid elections.
Members gets reduced rate on hall hire, madrassah fees, bereavement and nikka etc (ask office for more details)