Nikah Services

Our centre has been conducting marriages conversions since 1976

Please allow at least one week notice for administration, booking and payment.

For bookings or any further enquiries please feel free to contact our registrar Nazacut Hussain on 01254 52170 or alternately at

Islamic Marriages

A ‘Nikah’ or a marriage contract according to Islamic (Shariah) Law. The Nikah ceremony will be performed by any one of the appointed Imams (Muslim Ministers) of the Muslim Hanif Sunni Association


  • Valid Passports of the Bride and the Groom.
  • Proof of Residential Address whether UK or abroad (please note that the address supplied on the booking form will be registered on the certificate).
  • Presence of two Muslim Male witnesses, with their ID’s.
  • Presence of the Wali (the bride’s father or next of reliable male kin to the bride)
  • If the bride has previously been married, then an Islamic divorce or Absolute Decree document is required.
  • Filled Application Form (available from office 206, reception or online.)
  • Members fees is £100 and non-members is £200.00 (fees are paid when booking is made)
  • Signed Statutory Declaration (Affidavit) applicable only to non-Muslim Brides.
  • Submit all above documents in originals to office 33a Randal street much in advance. (In order to avoid any unnecessary inconvenience, please contact the Registrar on 01254 52170 or alternately at registrar to book an appointment before planning to visit the masjid.)


Click here for Marriage booking form

The masjid will issue two original certificates by the end of the Nikah ceremony, which should be kept in a safe place for any future reference. The masjid also welcomes donations which can be submitted to registrar during the process of the application. A separate receipt will be issued for voluntary donations.