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  • There a plenty of benefits of taking out masjid membership here is a list of just a few:

    - Able to take advantage of the masjid facility and at lower rates.
    - Supporting your local masjid
    - Have the right to vote (need to member for two year continually )
    - Able to be elected for the management committee (need to member for at least three years continually )
    - Cost only £30 per year
  • Special Rates available for members more details in the next few weeks
  • We have 2 rooms with dedicated IT resource these suites can be used for; (special rates for members)

    - Teaching
    - Meetings
    - Presentation
    - Community Programmes

    Facilities at the center include:
    -Latest Computer Systems with up to date software
    -Electronic White Board / Projector
  • Join Now
    Full details coming in the next few weeks
    How to Join etc
  • BYPAC In association with local schools, Blackburn Council and the Masjid we have the only Pakistani Girls and Boys Study Centre in the North.
    Help your child improve the GCSE results?
    Contact: Headteacher Mr Ditta contact details comming up!
  • Available for members more details in the next few weeks